31 Tips on Gaining Links by Gary R. Hess

Everyone wants links, but most of the time bloggers only tell half the story. There are many ways to go about your link hunting adventure.

Here is some tips by Gary R Hess.

1. Comment on blogs (dofollow and nofollow, doesn’t matter)
2. Use a signature in forums
3. Profile links (Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Lookup.com)
4. Bookmark sites (Mister Wong, Delicious, Magnolia)
5. Link exchange
6. Ask blogs for links
7. Pay for links
8. Pay for Reviews
9. Create an excellent resource page
10. Create something funny
11. Write great content
12. Create a widget
13. Create extensions/plugins
14. Entrecard drop (on sites with top 10s)
15. Use social media (Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon)
16. Write an article and submit it to article directories
17. Submit your site to website directories
18. Submit your blog to blog directories
19. Submit your feed to RSS directories
20. Twitter it
21. Use trackbacks
22. Link to other blogs
23. Guest blog

Unique ways

24. Write an eBook and give it away for free. Submit it to directories.
25. Create a podcast. Submit it to directories.
26. Hold a local convention
27. Hold contests
28. Give out a scholarship
29. Create a web design

  • give it away for free with a link in the footer
  • submit it to wordpress design directories
  • submit it to CSS Garden

30. Create hubs at Hubpage
31. Create a page at Squidoo

There are many more ways to gain links, the sky is the limit. The most important tip to remember is be unique. Uniqueness will find links by itself.

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